Our Video-Meassuring-System (VMS) has been developed to update hardness testing machines. Our programmers are flexible in realising specific customer requests.


Our Video-Meas-System (VMS) is suitable for ALL Vickers-, Knoop- and Brinell hardness testers (even older designs/products).
Digital Rockwell hardness testers can also be incorporated. (Data transfer)

Video-Meassuring-System (VMS) at a glance:
– Improves the measuring precision
– Excluding the parallax error
– Own design and print-out of a representative test protocol for the documentation
– Watching the surface on the monitor
– Possibility of saving all data and video images
– Automatic revaluation according to DIN EN ISO 18265 in Rockwell HRA/HRC, Brinell and tensile strength Tab. A.1, B.2, B.3, B.4, C.2, D.2, F.2
– Fatigue-free operation
– Simple and fast handling
– Data export
– Zoom window
– Data output as pdf (e.g. for e-mail use)
– Unlimited number of the most varied templates
– Presentation of progressive graphs of hardness in form of a table and graphics  (6 pieces)

– Automatic measuring
– Digital built-in measuring screw (to accept edge distances into the VMS (Video-Meas-System)
– PC- System
– Monitor

Prices and details upon request

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