Hardness tester Mobile RSD MAG 


Portable hardness tester with magnetic base for Rockwell, Super-Rockwell, Brinell and Vickers testing methods. The first portable hardness tester that meets the international hardness standards ASTM E-18, E-10, E384 and DIN EN ISO 6508, 6507, 6506. The RSD MAG is a digital portable hardness tester with manual drive and automatic test sequence. Thanks to the magnetic clamping base, even very bulky components can be carried out directly in the production hall. The test direction is secondary because the test load is applied via a dynamometric load cell. A secure fixation on almost any surface, from round to flat, with independent alignment of the indenter to the measuring axis. LCD screen, user-friendly interface, real-time statistics and large archive storage are also included in the device. This hardness tester guarantees the highest accuracy and repeatability in every measurement.

For almost all metals: iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper and metal alloys.


  • Test loads: from 3 - 187.5 kg (from 29.42 - 1839 N)
  • Rockwell DIN EN ISO 6508 / ASTM E-18: HRA - HRB - HRC - HRD - HRF - HRG - HRL - HRM - HRR / HRN - HRT
  • Brinell HBWT DIN EN ISO 6506 / ASTM E-10: HB 30 - HB 10 - HB 5 MPa (F/D2)
  • Vickers DIN EN ISO 6507 / ASTM E-384 (nur Eindruck): HV3 - HV10 - HV15 - HV30 - HV60 - HV100

Technische Features

DIN EN ISO 6506 / DIN EN ISO 6508 / ASTM E-18 / ASTM E-10
Eindringkörper und Spannkappe Verfahrweg
0/50 mm
RSD: 98.1 N (10 kg)
RSD: 29.42 N (3 kg)
Prüflasten Rockwell: 588.4 – 980.7 – 1471 N (60 – 100 – 150 kg)

Vickers: 98.07 – 980.7 N (10 – 100 kg)

Brinell: 98.07 – 612.9 – 1226 – 1839 N – On request 2452 N
(10 – 62.5 – 125 – 187.5 kg – auf Anfrage 250 kg)

Superficial Rockwell: 147.1 – 294.2 – 441.3 N (15 – 30 – 45 kg)

Vickers: 29.42 – 294.2 N (3 – 30 kg)

Brinell: 153.2 – 294.2 – 306.5 N (15.625 – 30 – 31.2 kg)

Rockwell: HRC – HRA – HRD – HRB – HRF – HRG – HRL – HRM – HRR
Super-Rockwell: HRN + HRT
Brinell (auf Anfrage): HB30 – HB10 – HB5 – HB2.5 MPa (F/D2)
Vickers (auf Anfrage) (nur Eindruck): HV3 – HV10 – HV30 – HV100
Besser als 0,5 %

RSD MAG in use












Pull the trigger lever and the measurement result will appear on the display within seconds. It is so easy.

  • No matter where you want to test, place the RSD and connect it to the component using a stand
  • Thanks to the large magnet in the base, the RSD always stays securely in place
  • Start the test process and you will receive the result within a very short time

Secure stand on almost any surface, from round to flat, with self-alignment of the indenter to the measuring axis. This hardness tester guarantees the highest accuracy and repeatability in every measurement.


The test load is generated by a dynamometric load cell, ensuring long-term accuracy. It also eliminates the problems associated with deadweight hardness testers. Results are not affected by any structural deformation, misalignment or vibration.


This type of device is characterized by precise measurement results during the first test, even under demanding environmental conditions.

RSD Software


To turn the RSD MAG from a mobile test device into a stand-alone device, you can combine it with 2 different feet of different sizes. 670H or 460L! This system then works completely in accordance with the standard and can be used in your laboratory, for example, without purchasing additional testing equipment. Of course, this does not affect the measurement accuracy and properties such as the quick clamping system are of course retained.



Accurate measurements even on unstable, dirty, rusty or oily components. The clamping cap continuously exerts pressure on the component, which prevents it from slipping during the test process.

50mm travel path

The measuring device follows your component. This means that samples with different thicknesses can also be measured on a component without making any changes to the hardness tester.



Info: The measuring head of the RSD MAG can also be attached as on the other manual hardness testers from AFFRI (206/330/331)