All News:  NEW!!! Video-Measuring-System VMS 3 

NEW!!! Video-Measuring-System VMS 3 - 3-Rath GmbH & Co. KG

NEW!!! Video-Measuring-System VMS 3

Reserched for your optical measuring System



Your advantage:

VMS-Assistent:                                                                           Weitere Features:

-easy creating of templates                               -Dataexport (PDF,CSV,AMS,Excel and many more)

-fast usage without guiding                               -User administration (Standard, extend,  admin)

-easy construct  CHD or NHD templates

-automatic measurement reading (option)

-many opportunities for creating a report                     (optional)

-check the border distance with a digital measuring screw in the software (option)


-simple length measuring    (single or multi)

-angle measuring




You already hav VMS)? Than save your chance for a special update option for a special price.

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