Customized EASYFLAG 3000 


Easyflag 3000 is an extremely solid and reliable hardness tester with a swiveling measuring head. Thanks to its versatility, which is given by the possibility of 180° rotation (optionally 360°), it can be used in a wide range of applications. The machine has 2 versions, depending on your requirements. A fully automatic hardness testing machine with larger dimensions of the hardness testing machine one with manual axes and smaller dimensions (each with test surfaces 5500×3250 and 2650×2000). The entire test cycle (surface cleaning – milling -, making an impression, evaluating, logging) is carried out by the EASYDUR head with a built-in milling unit and offers numerous advantages in terms of quality, reliability and productivity. In order to position the measuring head, the machine has 3 axes which are controlled via a motorized travel path. The milling depth and speed can be adjusted for particularly demanding tests. By equipping the machine with the self-learning System 4.0, the operator only has to give the start after positioning the workpieces and the machine works completely independently.


  • Stable structure made of welded stainless steel (not cast iron)
  • Test method: HBW5/750 - HBW10/3000
  • Optionally also HRC
  • Milling of material up to 55HRC
  • 0 - 5mm milling depth, milling accuracy 0.01mm
  • Motorized axles